What does BARDFAHG mean?

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1. (noun)- Acronym for Butt Anal Retard Dick Fucking Ass Homo Gay. Basically regularly designate something as method fucked up. Originated circa 2004 in increased school as a result to a drama group generally Bard. Users would often break into tune randomly, even inappropriate times. Introverted beyond normal individual levels,they in addition continuously flirted with borderline homosexuality amoung their people. Fellow peers casually reffered in their mind as Bard Fags, ultimately evolving the old saying in to the acronym we now understand. Today this is can be utilized in almost any wacked circumstance, and it is using said with much passion. 2. (verb)- Taken from the initial acronym, bardfahg can also be made use of as an action verb desribing an action that's blantantly flamboyant or simply outrageous generally. 3. (noun)- A name found in a Halo 2 lan party, now legendary amoung specific gaming circles, because of the originator regarding the acronym. This individual actually played on a group with Bard people and begain staff killing and managed to stay unknown for the online game.