What does BANNS mean?

BANNS meaning in General Dictionary

Notice of a recommended wedding proclaimed in a church or other place prescribed by-law to ensure that anybody may object if he knows of just cause the reason why the wedding cannot take place

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  • a community announcement of a proposed marriage
  • Notice of a recommended wedding, proclaimed in a church,u000du000a or any other spot prescribed by law, so that anybody may object,u000du000a if he understands of just cause why the relationship must not happen.

BANNS meaning in Law Dictionary


BANNS meaning in Etymology Dictionary

see bann.

BANNS meaning in General Dictionary

(n. pl.) Notice of a proposed marriage, proclaimed in a church, or other spot recommended by-law, in order that any person may object, if he knows of just trigger the reason why the marriage must not happen.

Sentence Examples with the word BANNS

The bishops also exercise a certain jurisdiction over marriages, inasmuch as they have by the canons of the Church of England a power of dispensing with the proclamation of banns before marriage.

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