What does BANKING mean?

BANKING meaning in General Dictionary

The business of a bank or of a banker

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  • participating in business of keeping money for cost savings and checking reports and for trade or for issuing loans and credit an such like.
  • transacting business with a bank; depositing or withdrawing resources or requesting a loan etc.
  • of Bank
  • the company of a bank or of a banker.

BANKING meaning in Law Dictionary

The business of obtaining money on deposit, loaning money, discounting notes, providing records for blood circulation, collecting cash on records deposited, negotiating bills, etc. Bank v. Turner, 154 Ind. 456, 57 N. E. 110. See BANK; BANKER.

BANKING meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"business of a banker," 1735, spoken noun from lender (v).

BANKING meaning in Sports Dictionary

an easy method of getting through the atmosphere after leaping. Your body is much more horizontal than upright, with all the skis expanding off to the left-hand part while nevertheless pointing when you look at the proper direction. (recreation: waterskiing)

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  • the word explaining a large part of an oval that's raised on the exterior to make certain a large curve. This helps the cars part quicker. (sport: IndyCars)
  • To slim your body into a turn. (sport: snowboarding)

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BANKING meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bank

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  • (letter.) The company of a bank or of a banker.

Sentence Examples with the word BANKING

The Republican members seceded, legislative appropriations were blocked, and Governor Morton was compelled to take the extraconstitutional step of arranging with a New York banking house for the payment of the interest on the state debt, of borrowing money for state expenditure on his own responsibility, and of constituting an unofficial financial bureau, which disbursed money in disregard of the state officers.

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