What does BANDIT mean?

BANDIT meaning in General Dictionary

An outlaw a brigand

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  • an armed thief who's (usually) a member of a band
  • An outlaw; a brigand.

BANDIT meaning in Law Dictionary

n outlaw; a guy prohibited, or place under a ban ; a brigand or robber. Banditti, a band of robbers.

BANDIT meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, from Italian bandito (plural banditi) "outlaw," past participle of bandire "proscribe, banish," from Vulgar Latin *bannire "to proclaim, proscribe," from Proto-Germanic *bann (see ban (v.)). *Bannire (or its Frankish cognate *bannjan) in Old French became banir-, which, with lengthened stem, became English banish.

BANDIT - German to English


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  • bandit
  • bravo
  • brigand
  • dacoit [Ind.]
  • dakoit [Ind.]
  • desperado
  • outlaw
  • renegade [outlaw]

BANDIT meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An outlaw; a brigand.

Sentence Examples with the word BANDIT

It was not long afterwards that the dual kingship ceased and Sparta fell under the sway of a series of cruel and rapacious tyrants - Lycurgus, Machanidas, who was killed by Philopoemen, and Nabis, who, if we may trust the accounts given by Polybius and Livy, was little better than a bandit chieftain, holding Sparta by means of extreme cruelty and oppression, and using mercenary troops to a large extent in his wars.

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