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An extension associated with acronym BAMF, a BAMF turn is a scene in an action or other style of movie, where a character, usually lead, becomes more of a BAMF than they were a second before.Most, yet not all, BAMF Switches cause some sort of battle scene.BAMF Switches are often described as:1.) Changes in music. (Raised tempo, a far more intense category, or no music anyway.)2.) Monologing, or, additionally, just one expression.3.) Flashbacks4.) Sluggish Motion5.) Reloading a weapon6.) A physical motion, including cracking the throat or knuckles, or awesomely punching some body.7.) Shifting Gears (If in a car)8.) An in depth up. Particularly if the personality has just done one thing extremely remarkable, such dropping in a pool of bloodstream, or cutting some dude in half.9.) A modification of Weather. Frequently to large winds or rainfall. (Similar impacts may be written by sprinklers, or large followers)10.) A Physical Change. (wearing armor or some kind of awesome fit, switching into some type of creature, or transforming from a vehicle into a giant robot.) When in an action, or other category of movie, in which a lead character becomes far more of a BAMF than they certainly were a moment before.Switches in many cases are characterized by a more bad ass music score, a slow mo' scene, or some form of brief phrase, such "No", "Kill 'im", or "Hey- ARG!1!" *Arm breaks*.