What does BAM SQUAD mean?

BAM SQUAD meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. a small grouping of gorgeous, amazing girls that each and every have awesome characters and bring different things for their band of buddies. 1st team had been originally discovered by some guy known as cliff from chicago in 2004.2. it is a group of women that always stay pals and they may recruit more buddies with their team. some women when you look at the team might develop independent of the other individuals or never ever would you like to spend time together with them so that the bam squad may vote all of them on. 3. a small grouping of girls this is certainly very similar to a sorority. each woman has another type of role when you look at the team as well as often helps both choose which role is such as for example president, captain, co-captain, bitch, diva...etc. the difference betweent the bam squad and a sorority is the fact that the bam squad is smaller and never affiliated with any college. any selection of women can begin one, however it is typically lead by an extremely close guy friend that is their "pimp". the male group equivalent is called "The Rowdy Boys" additionally discovered by cliff, the guy from chicago.4. this band of women has rules that they compensate such, "friends allow pals two fold dip".5. the bam squad comes with theme functions including "penis parties" and "BAM-A-PALOOZA". and of course this team consist of girly things you can do like girls' evenings and shopping and chick flicks.