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Once a lavish and stunning human body of land in West Newport seashore, CA which was enclosed by a amazing harbor and bay and an extended stretch of gorgeous Southern Ca beach. Today a run down and dilapidated stretch of land which being overrun with White Trash summertime tenants, and dirty Mexicans whom scavenge through trash trying to find recyclables and identities to take. Also today residence to young men between your centuries of 21-40 who're near broke, but imagine to own a high-paying corporate tasks and a small fortune. These young degenerates invest a majority of their time consuming size quantities of liquor and bunk medicines so that you can drown out of the truth of these true presence and insecurities. These men additionally prey on young sluts involving the ages of 16-25 who claim to have tasks and are now living in Laguna, but really they are Meth heads from the Inland Empire with migrated for this wasteland understanding that when they distribute their legs and available their mouths wide enough they'll certainly be in a position to occupy residency in another of the many rundown homes that are being leased by some broke-ass punk (young males described above), and then sub-leased to about 6 other male friends. These ghetto-ass whores will end up the house whore and will fuck the male occupants so that you can live rent-free and live solely on a high-protein diet consisting of STD laden semen. This slut will also partake associated with consuming of low priced alcohol and drugs and certainly will pretend to visit work each day, but could be located when you look at the back alley or Circle K parking area rummaging through her 1999 purple Honda Civic which hasn't already been cleaned as it's construction and has silver duct tape waiting on hold the leading and rear bumpers. Additionally a spot in which she shops the complete inventory of her individual belongings, closet, and tiny amount of hygienic things. She's going to get clothed and deodorize herself inside automobile before proceeding to her pimps residence where she'll pick-up a listing of consumers that she must visit and service for the day.Balboa Peninsula, now a haven for pointless man vile, is in the middle of murky, foul-smelling ocean water that is contaminated by the current residents and seasonal tourists whom continually dump tainted and hazardous materials down the storm drains and sometimes make use of the surrounding oceans as a backyard toilet.Basically somewhere for family enjoyable.