What does BAGBAG mean?

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a terrible misspelling of term "HAHAHA". One-day, if the secrets "H" and "A" had been hit in rapid succession to point a sizable outburst of comedic persuasion by a specific son, the word BAGBAG showed up by some miracle, and being therefore swift together with his typing movements, the enter secret ended up being hit before the opportunity to edit the term ended up being allowed. Along the way, record was being made. Your message later on became of preferred use by a lot of the "cool" kids, and fortunately for all never dropped in to the hands of the people in Precise Squadron. It really is certain it could've faced the same dooms as a result greats as "ll" and "GFG"By closer evaluation it can be seen because of the audience your keys of "B" and "G" are of a comparatively close location to the target "H" secret. It seems feasible that typist had missed the "H" four times in one single term and instead joined a "B-G-B-G" pattern. To this day it remains a mystery exactly how much cocaine the typist had been on when he misspelled "HAHAHA".