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B8 (sometimes written bait or beight) is a very well-known slang term which came to exist during the early twenty-first century. Its usually flexible meaning of 'bad' or 'poor' offered it cult standing and wide-spread use, which, undoubtedly resulted in numerous adaptations. They're many you need to include binse, b8 rinse, b8 coichen life and b8 coichen du two rinse an such like... This might be mainly available on websites like stickam. B8ing, in addition typed as bating is really what it sounds like. Masturbating on cam, typically. Generally B8, Board 8, or perhaps the GameFAQs Contests message board. During GameFAQs yearly character contest, the board is associated with through the poll, and is used for the discussion regarding the characters and development associated with contest. During off-season, B8 becomes a kind of social board. Most likely the worst forums on GameFAQs.com. High in inane morons. Stay away. What are the results for you if you fall overboard during a vessel in shark-infested seas. B8 is actually B&. Some people oftenly read B& (prohibited) as B8 (bait)