What does B3M mean?

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Boom Boom Before Midnight.A quest this is certainly drawn in component as a last resort of hope as to getting a girlfriend/boyfriend. Its stated at the time before the journey. When exclaimed the hero/heroine starts your way at 12am and must finish their quest by 11:59pm that same time, usually they're going to explode into an icy fiery death that's frequently very shocking.The hero/heroine usually use strategies such as for example charm, kindness, and sweetness regarding win over their prospective date. Tactics such corner candy and working are not often make use of as they are final hotels if the b3m fail.One is actually praised for taken such an amazing task because the pursuit is inescapable near impossible to attain. But if hero/heroine does in reality succeed she or he has a right to be rewarded with the work of growth boom, therefore declaring the name of the name growth boom before midnight.