What does B3D mean?

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Not to be confused with the very nearly human being droid C-3PO from celebrity Wars, B3D is very much indeed individual and it is an acronym for "Big Burly Biker Dude". B3D fits the older biker man persona, but our B3D is notably self-educated, gainfully utilized together with an enormous plethora of pals. B3D ended up being most commonly known as being a blast to hold down with at personal gatherings, he had been usually the first to partake when you look at the sport of adult beverage usage then on to the 2nd preferred person guy recreation, the endless snatch quest which gets quite focking hilarious in its outcomes. Normally, snatch searching (to not ever be mistaken for snipe searching) results in just difficult "dik" and a "pearl oyster" becoming lodged between your thigh epidermis and inside a pair of blue jeans (to not fret though…."pearl oysters" should come out-of garments during “hand-wash” period inside automatic washer).