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B14 implies 'bitch' (enchantment: bich);Used by Russian communes online, as an example, in chat-rooms.''1'' reads as ''i'' as with 1337-speak. While 4 in Russian is spelled "Chitiri" and is often regularly replace "ch". (As other example, people utilize 6 (Šeštj) in talk and online forums to replace "š" also.B14 is used exactly the same way as normal "bitch". In Call of Duty 4, B14 or b14 is the key series for epic taunt "Base of fire!" an exclaimation utilized by at the very top couple of, to represent their particular pure and total awesomeness in the fields of struggle The awesome students through the graduating group of 2014. Obviously from Scholastica. A very good and brief means of writing Batch of 2014.