What does B00bz0rz!!11 mean?

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a phrase employed by leet speakers that pertains to the tits of women. The irony of the term is that most leet speakers will not have ever seen breasts except in movies they've download from the net and on a regular basis jack-off to at 1:00 each morning, so that their particular parents cannot walk-in in it masturbating and pushing their particular fingers up their arses in sheer delight of seeing women that don't scream and run off at sheer sight of these, and will never ever see breasts because they have no concept of just how to have connections with girls due to their personal skills being diminished making use of retarded words on the internet to impress other geeky, little dickheads which haven't seen tits prior to. Truly the only relationships leet speakers are designed for is the one with their spunk-covered keyboards that apparently fulfill all of them in a manner that no woman can.One main reason why they can't have girlfriends (except that their particular rediculous 'Top Gun' design of huge contacts, having even more spots versus carpark at Disney World plus black minds than in the whole of Harlem) is basically because they use words like "B00bz0rz" and "p0wn3d" to try to seem intellectual and cool, however in fact raise on their own to brand-new quantities of retardedness having never ever been achieved before within the reputation for the Universe. Any regular individual can easily see them for just what these are generally: Wankers, just complete wankers.