What does B.S.U. bsu BSU BSU mean?

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BULL SHIT INFINITE. aka,a compulsive liar. they lie on a regular basis, about everything. if you take cautious notes about what they let you know, you'll fuck together with them unmercifully!like B.S.U. stated on April 14th, their "oil money" would be straight deposited in his bank account, but had been also broke purchase lunch regarding the 16th. Boring status inform.Often experienced on web sites including Twitter where people wish to over and over repeatedly upgrade their status with inane and repetitive content. It's characterised of being of no interest to any person, except individuals narcissistic adequate to believe that their particular 'friends' want to know that he/she:- "...is typing."- "...is bored."- "...is eating pasta for supper."- "...has completed supper."- "...is planning to sleep."Some can sometimes include a lot of information spanning several outlines, boring readers with their detail, whereas other people may might not add any content anyway and fill their particular status improvement with punctuation, including ".", "...", ">", etc.even worse however, some think their particular mere presence is worthy of an update, with a bsu such as "...is."Bsu can be used as a reply to status updates to notify someone to their abuse of condition update facility. Numerous groups on Twitter have actually formed as a result for this phenomena; of note: "Your boring twitter status makes myself want to punch my monitor," which captures the particular thoughts evoked whenever a bsu is encountered. BSU is truly just short for:-Blow Shit Up!!!or tha more courteous way...Blow Stuff Up!!! The place where a cousin and cousin carry on the pc making facebook and including an urban dictionary while there father shows in a class.