What does B.G.O.D BGOD bGod mean?

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B.G.O.D means bicycle Gang Or Die. Coming from the slang "Taylor Gang or Die", BGOD had been produced by a few highschool teenagers and it's really getting on. BGOD is perhaps all fixed or solitary rate riders, however it does not exclude individuals with gears and brake system. You aren't a bike is welcome. (Bath Gang Or Die) group produced by some normal children surviving in Bath, Ohio. Most likely can be found deep when you look at the shower cave . Often simply take day-to-day ventures to the creek waterfall and you'll discover your inner self inside rushing white seas. This is the most exclusive group that anybody could ever before be aside of A bGod is a semi-technical term that signifies big set of disks. It is the method to organize several computer system hard disk drives that requires no technical or computer system ability whatsoever so when an individual doesn't have concept exactly what a "raid" is. bGod's are usually utilized when people update computers and maintain the old hard drive with all their particular information, to possess C:, D:, E: through J: or K: drives.