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Officially created by TwistedBabydoll: impressed because of the wager (Ebony Entertainment tv) due to the notorious portrayal of unfavorable Black stereotypes, extortionate materialism and hypocrisy. Additionally, it is prompted because of the undeniable fact that these kind of individuals are spoon fed Black culture by seeing BET, 24/7. These kind of females tend to be second-generation African Americans or kids of second-generation African-Americans. B.E.T. Princesses are feminine variations of a B.E.T. Prince. They could be best compared to the hip-hop video vixen or Ebony United states Princess. Good actual description of a B.E.T. Princess; wearing gold in obscures quantities (whether it's precious jewelry, fabric appliqués, accessories, or accents, or even the color it self), lengthy weave this is certainly changed every fourteen days due to the fact that they have to look their utmost, extortionate levels of M.A.C. lip gloss or just about any other make-up that does not match their pores and skin, will most likely go shopping at Korean-owned clothing boutiques that offer overly priced, tacky, colorful clubwear; name labels of choice: Baby Phat, Rocawear (for females), Akademiks, Gucci, Louis Vuitton; stilleto heels, tight jeans cut such a long time they show plumbing professional's crackor cropped tops by woman Enyce that presents down a belly ring. B.E.T. princesses are often seen driving their particular burnt out Chevy Malibu (yet, however maintaining a divalicious picture while driving it, for them to appear to have cash) or a Benz that their moms and dads bought all of them. There is not much stress of these transport for the simple explanation even more force is put-on men and their particular automobiles.B.E.T. Princess idolize movie vixens, Beyonce, Trina, and any female veejay on 106 & Park. They're usually materialistic, vain, and maintain a conceited picture in hopes of searching or experiencing better than various other females. They could be informed or uneducated. B.E.T. Princesses are not just a shame to Ebony women but ladies in basic because of the dumb wide mindset, submissiveness, dependency on a guy who can economically support all of them or look great on their arm and insufficient desire for their African-American heritage when yet they justify this theory by saying "we view B.E.T!".