What does B-Eccher mean?

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If you have any of the after perhaps you are considered a 'B Eccher;-an odd child-says weirds phrased sentences-can't read/write, in his/her own small world-different looking-smells like swagger-gets beat by friends-cant't do something without being questioned/made fun of/laughed at-can't be taken seriously -embarresment to family/friends(if any)/pals,teams-question his sexuality-have requested aid in math on multiple quizs and(or)have remained after math-having a phone impossible to text on-if you have got brandons life-a 'different' laugh-has no jeans to wear(just sweats)-have your very own youtube video clip of you dancing badly-questionable mathematics grade-ever already been laughed at for just becoming alive-confused while using a math test-has already been viewed by a young person in society(age1-6) and called ugly-can't understand while folks are pointing and laughing-dropped on the head as a kidIf you contain these characteristics maybe you are a B-Eccher-