What does Bände mean?

Bände - German to English

musical organization [of robbers, outlaws, smugglers etc.]

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  • caboodle
  • staff [Br.] [coll.] [group of individuals]
  • cushion [pool, billiards]
  • side [bowling]
  • gang
  • posse
  • boards {pl}
  • mob [pej.]
  • ring-fence
  • side fence
  • bonds of friendship
  • bonds of love
  • ties [close contacts]
  • shackles [also fig.]
  • ropes
  • volumes
  • imprinted publications

Bände - French to English

magnetic tape

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  • comic strip
  • tough neck

Sentence Examples with the word Bände

The great history of the German migrations, Die Konige der Germanen, Bande i.-vi.

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