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A Tatooinian monk whom thinks that in order to achieve real enlightenment one must split up it self from the remaining portion of the universe as well as its distractions. Severe B'omarr Monks will have their particular minds eliminated and placed in a unique jar, to split up themselves from what they believed had been an unclean body. The container could be attached to a droid spider armature in addition to brain inside jar may use the armature to walk around as though it had been an organism. The B'omarr Monks built their monastery on Tatooine long before they changed themselves to spiders. They now occupy the basement chambers while bounty hunters and Jabba the Hutt utilize the top floors, which matches the monks alright as they are just a bunch of walking minds in jars.They don't believe in the power. Specifically to know what the fuck a B'omarr Monk is.This is obvious reason to get rid of your life.