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An intriguing specimen regarding the female gender. Recognized for assuming far more duties than humanly possible, and yet for some reason remaining perched regarding edge of sanity. Apparently taller compared to average NFL safety (and better-looking), she's in addition reputed to-be a notorious coffee addict and femme fatale with dangerous knife-throwing skills. However, this really is mere speculation, as she actually is rarely noticed in the wild, withdrawing to her area for hibernation during 85% of the year. Someone who is funny, really caring, understanding, exceptionally lovable, very friendly, wise, smart, blond in some instances, selfless, cheerful and has now all of the qualities to be an amazing person. getting a shock fuck into the butt. The skill of screwing some one from behind, generally without them knowing that it is going to happen.whenever a male is having regular intercourse with a female and then he suddenly switches holes, to your butt. A Slang word for Aaron, popular on the web