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AzucenaMexicans name their daughters Azucena. The very first impression you're going to get upon meeting one of these simple animals is that they are a snob, and a rude butt bitch, but when you get to know them you certainly will come to find that they've been sexy, confident, outbound, and smart(although they don't love to admit it, they have blonde moments sometimes). The Azucena is a flower that represents kindness, purity, purity, sophistication, and nobility. But because azucenas have a very quick life, they are also known to express death rendering it bitter-sweet having this title. Azucena could be the Spanish name for a yard lily. Many varieties of lily are extremely poisonous to cats, causing acute renal failure in small amounts, this one, however, is completely safe to pets or people. Consider your self lucky if you know a Mexican woman known as Azucena.

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Name Origin: Arabic
Name Gender: Female

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white lily