What does Azotemia mean?

Azotemia meaning in General Dictionary

the buildup of an abnormally massive amount nitrogen containing waste elements such as for instance urea in the blood uremia

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  • buildup into the bloodstream of nitrogenous waste elements (urea) that are generally excreted in the urine

Azotemia meaning in Medical Dictionary

A higher-than-normal blood degree of urea or any other nitrogen-containing substances. The hallmark test for azotemia may be the serum bloodstream urea nitrogen (BUN) amount. Azotemia is generally brought on by the shortcoming associated with the kidneys to excrete these compounds.

Azotemia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1900, also azotaemia, from azot- (see azo-) + Greek haima "blood" (see -emia).

Azotemia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

the healthiness of having urea as well as other nitrogenous elements in an animal's blood.