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A pointless digital animal web site for individuals having no everyday lives and wish to invest $25 - $100 on customised pixels. An extremely tiny pet website with some over 30000 people. It started about two years ago and contains made a massive development. It really is more special than any various other pet site including wajas, which can be a dreadful website. It is rather easy to generate income. I've never spent a dime about it, and I also lack everything everyone else has actually. Most users on this site tend to be music artists, given that online game primarily revolves around earnings through art, if you don't need to be one to play it. You can easily submit your pets and colorations through custom crystals, and breed those animals with other pets on the site, for the music artists to create a totally brand-new custom genus, just for you!(it works quite difficult, you understand.) This website constantly features initial a few ideas and avoids standard of neopets alongside internet sites by-doing things much better. The art will be a lot much more advanced, along with sorts of types. You can even receives a commission for submitting yours art for web site events. As soon as you play, it really is hard to scrap your obsession with it. You can find it at aywas.com!