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Aysia is considered the most loveable, kindhearted, talented girl you can easily ever before meet.She can be so attractive and friendly it is challenging fall out with her.Top tips: should anyone ever fulfill this girl you can expect to immediately fall-in love as she is special plus one of a kind ;).She provides the many amazing hugs and will admire everybody else she's friends with.Nevertheless she actually is 100percent honest and you will inform the lady definitely anythingthis is the reason This is why for this reason you really need to love Aysia. A girl that will be seduced by any man perhaps not in a slutty means but because she actually is an innocent woman she is therefore nice and constantly would like to turn you into delighted a woman whom people discover intersting. She usually blogs on an online site called www.themillenniallife.blogspot.comshe has actually mad ability in items that arent of good use. she doesnt understand why she uses nearly all of the woman time with j.bocs and moonie. a girl with a booty soooo huge. men like to shag this lady everyday.usually put on tight jeans to demonstrate of the woman nice,round butt.makes men horny and girls desire to be a lesbian.very good at intercourse generally, specially oral and anal(definitely)