What does Ayeah Ayeah mean?

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A word which sums up "perfect" "great" "wow" "yes" "amazing" "completely" "psychedelic" etc.typically utilized whenever you cannot be f***** to say the language stated earlier. Ayeah is beautiful inside and outside. She cares acutely to much for other people. She'll venture out the woman method to help some one in need. She loves to make others laugh specially whenever one is down. She's got a huge heart. She'll leave an amazing effect you that you wont forget her. She will be indeed there for you personally any time. She is an unique women. She's a very deep though about numerous things. Other individuals don't constantly see this lady complex thought. She's always helping other people to see all of them delighted even when she's got her own dilemmas. She is just a fantastic,fun,laid back and cool woman. She likes to enjoy it is really respectively ladies. This woman is just amazing and a deffinit individual you'd be happy to own in your life.