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striking, sort girl just who functions like shes tough but deep-down is a very painful and sensitive person.Generous,usally provides men and women even more love then they deserve. Soft-hearted and incredibly warm-blooded. Various then other individuals and does not really like to demonstrate the woman functions down. Although, could be irritating or harsh on occasion. Typically loud and irritating but exceedingly smart, often have an exotic beauty with their nature. They have been dull and savagely truthful but are extremely loyal to people they love. Frequently have blond tresses and result from Norway though not always. These are generally really intimate creatures and truly away going. a girl just who provides a nice solution to any person and everyone, also that guy whom noone luvs. An fat, thicko person. Frequently having unsightly fat kiddies and being exceedingly stupid. Have a propensity to be a slut and or (w)hore. A prostitute whom cannot cause ANYWAY - something - really (like all prostitutes).