What does Ay Ay ay Ay ay ay -ay mean?

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a phrase used to catch somebody interest whenever you don't know their name The noise an asian tends to make whenever getting nailed. Latina phrase that can be used to convey a difficult effect. a noisy yell so that you can get the interest of others a way of saying hello A universal appearance indicating yes. You should use it to express yes, even though you dont know the language. Definitely, if you dont understand the language, you dont know very well what you may be saying indeed to. Mainly found in immediate messaging, but can also be incorporated in each and every day informal speech, particularly among sets of buddies. The suffix can be used to change the endings of words normally closing in "y", preceded by a consonantal sound. The a's and y's are repeated for additional emphasis.party -> partaysorry -> sorraybooty -> bootayThis effect is employed for each one or each of listed here functions:1) To seem "different". The additional delay of extra "a" enables you to emphasize that word in a certain phrase. e.g. really SORRAAYYY, which leaves emphasis on the phrase "sorry".2) To appear ghetto. Certain phrases like "off the hizzay" are derived from slang terms related to ghetto indivdiuals e.g. gangsters, thugs or their wannabe equivalents.