What does Axminster mean?

Axminster meaning in General Dictionary

many different chicken carpet woven by machine or whenever significantly more than 27 ins large on a hand loom and consisting of strips of worsted chenille so colored as to create a pattern on a stout jute backing This has a fine smooth pile so-called from Axminster The united kingdomt where it absolutely was previously 1755 1835 made

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  • An Axminster carpet, an imitation chicken carpeting, noted for the dense and soft stack; -- so-called from Axminster, Eng.

Axminster meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An carpet, an imitation Turkey carpet, noted for the dense and smooth stack; -- so called from Axminster, Eng.

Sentence Examples with the word Axminster

There is a tradition that the battle of Brunanburh was fought in the valley of the Axe, and that the bodies of the Danish princes who perished in action were buried in Axminster church.

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