What does Axe Gang mean?

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A semi-fictional criminal company that includes starred in various fighting styles movies. There was clearly a proper Axe Gang in Shanghai amongst the 1920's and 1940's. The Axe Gang handles bribery, extortion, trafficking, casino, racketeering, smuggling, bootleg, prostitution, betting, and piracy. The Axe Gang features control of the city of Shanghai and carry axes anywhere each goes. The are usually dressed in all black suits, vests, shoes, ties plus some members even put on top hats. The Axe Gang is run-in an easy method much like the Italian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, additionally the Chinese Triads (Chinese Underground/Secret Society). These men are equipped at all times and very dangerous. Gangs which can be very similar to the Axe Gang were appearing in Taiwan, Japan, Southern Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore.