What does Ax mean?

Ax meaning in General Dictionary

To ask to inquire or ask

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  • A tool or tool of metal or of metal with a steel advantage or knife for felling woods cutting and splitting wood hewing wood etc it's wielded by a wooden helve or handle so fixed in a socket or attention regarding be in similar jet with the blade The broadax or carpenters ax is an ax for hewing timber made weightier as compared to chopping ax sufficient reason for a broader and thinner knife and a shorter handle
  • chop or split with an ax
  • terminate
  • an advantage device with much bladed mind mounted across a handle
  • Alt. of Axe
  • to inquire of; to ask or inquire of.

Ax meaning in Names Dictionary

Diminutive of Axel: dad of peace.
Name Origin: Scandinavian
Name Gender: Male

Ax meaning in Etymology Dictionary

see axe (letter.).

Ax meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Axe

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  • (v. t. & i.) to inquire about; to inquire or inquire of.

Sentence Examples with the word Ax

Taking a few steps back she gripped the ax half way down on the handle and slammed it down against the block of wood with a dull whack.

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