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the maximum up-and-coming band of the today. With tracks such as "Sail" and "maybe not Your Fault" they will certainly soon be above. Their particular noise is a sort of mixture of techno and main-stream that appears cool. Obtained one released album and one coming out; "Back from Earth" and "Megalithic Symphony"u000du000au000du000aMost likely the greatest musical organization ahead completely during 2010-2011. Their particular noise can be defined as dark electric pop/rock. Their best (and most popular) track to date is "Sail", that was circulated in February of 2011 as a single plus in March of 2011 on record Megalithic Symphony. The track is made from a haunting beat and many nonsensical lyrics--among all of them "Blame it on my ADD, baby"-which is coincidentally every person's favorite Facebook condition revision in the past thirty days. Other songs include "Guilty Filthy Soul", "it is not Your Fault", and "Burn It Down." Awolnation may be the solo project of former consuming Giants and Hometown Hero lead vocalist Aaron Bruno.