What does Awkwardcasm mean?

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really uncomfortable sarcasm. This awkward sarcasm usually appears when it is really unneeded. It is expected to seem good but everybody else knows you will be becoming extremely embarrassing, sarcastic. People usually mistake awkwardcasm for weirdness whenever the truth is it really is uniqueness. Individuals who realize awkwardcasm can turn any bad, ugly, embarrassing, sarcastic circumstance into an even funnier, awkwarder scenario this is certainly however types of funny in an inside-joke particular method.People that are AWKWARDCASTIC aren't afraid to acknowledge they are awkward and often mention uncomfortable circumstances right after they take place. They are doing this this kind of an awkward method in which it generates another uncomfortable circumstance where the awkwardcastic individual re-points away. Then an awkwardcastic ripple effect starts. The awkwardcastic ripple effect usually takes place when a group of pals tend to be stoned.