What does Awkward Retarded Dinosaur mean?

Awkward Retarded Dinosaur meaning in Urban Dictionary

A hand motion made by placing four hands on a surface using the middle finger straight out to resemble a dinosaur like a brontosaurus. Found in an awkward circumstance to produce the strain. Much like the Awkward Turtle. This is developed by fringe figures Jade and Lukalicious throughout the tv program 'Psych'When informing bull crap that no body gets, you can often get a laugh by using the awkward retarded dinosaur in conjunction with a "wooof"The 'woooof' is changed with any farmyard pet sound that shows the awkward dinosaur is too retarded to understand what noise it must makevariations feature "awkward retarded crocodile" (associated with a crocodile hand gesture with jaws which do not allign whenever shut)