What does Awkward Pig mean?

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'Awkwards' tend to be an interjection utilized when a situation is really embarrassing that no words may possibly diffuse the awkwardity.Awkward Pig is most likely the best uncomfortable in existence. It allows for somewhat more awkwardity to-be shown than the regular embarrassing Turtle. Within embarrassing, you follow these tips:1) spot your INDEX and MIDDLE hands from your own LEFT hand on your reduced eyelids; index below left eye, middle here correct eye. This will develop a V-Shape with your first two hands.2) Place your INDEX little finger from your own RIGHT hand up, underneath the V inside left hand, on the tip of your nostrils.3) Drive your nose-up, forming a 'snout'.4) Wiggle APPROPRIATE hand.Aka, make a pig face making use of hands to pull-down eyelids, and another little finger to wiggle your snout.