What does Awkward Infatuation mean?

Awkward Infatuation meaning in Urban Dictionary

That uncomfortable minute when you realise & take you have actually a crush on/fancy an individual who you reeeeeeaaalllllyy should not, ie a teacher or a member of your most useful mates' household. Just like but not just like crushing on a high profile... With superstars it is frequently fine, however with teachers...People experiencing uncomfortable Infatuation tend to be between your many years of 11 & 18, & typical signs tend to be planning to wow them, either extremely talkative /shy around them, planning to always be near or about them, very looking towards seeing all of them & somewhat possibly feeling a certain amount of sexual destination to said individual.When/if said person realizes (& you generally wish they never do) they may be good with it but most frequently they will feel embarrassed & will shun any more contact with you.