What does Awesometasticabulous mean?

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aw-suhm-tas-tik-ab-yuh-luhs-AdjectiveOrigin:2009; center English, Jawsumtaztikabulose, launched to the English language because of the semi-famous fashion designer and illustrator Jay Miles Griffin (understand amoung the art community regarding the Eastern United States as Griffin-Jay).1. conceived or appearing like conceived by an unrestrained imagination; unbelievable and remarkable; god-like; unimaginably beautiful: awesometasticabulous size, girth, and endurance; awesometasticabulous intimate capability.2. extremely great or severe; exorbitant: Jay's penis is defined as awesometasticabulous by all women who have observed it.3. Slang . extremely impressive to the point of near disbelief: That cock of Jay Griffin's is beyond awesometastic, it's down right awesometasticabulous.Related formsawe-some-tastic-abulous-ly, adverbawe-some-tastic-abulous-ness, nounawe-some-tastic-abulous-tic, adjectiveawe-some-tastic-abulous-ti-cal-ly, adverb