What does Avuncular mean?

Avuncular meaning in General Dictionary

Of or regarding an uncle

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  • resembling a uncle in kindness or indulgence
  • becoming or associated with an uncle
  • Of or regarding an uncle.

Avuncular meaning in Urban Dictionary

(adj.) As soon as a man hits middle-age along with his formerly remarkable and youthful appearance have actually totally lost their particular edge, he develops an air of these total harmlessness that he is no longer appealing to females. A guy is called "avuncular" as he prevents appearing like a sexual entity and begins looking like their Uncle Arby.

Avuncular meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. Literally, associated with an uncle. 2. Figuratively, suggestive of an uncle, as in geniality. 3 In medical genetics, pertaining to an aunt or uncle. An avuncular relationship could be the genetic commitment between aunts and uncles and their particular nieces and nephews. From the Latin avunculus, meaning maternal uncle. The feminine same in principle as avuncular is materteral (like an aunt).

Avuncular meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1789, from Latin avunculus "maternal uncle," diminutive of avus (see uncle) + -ar. Pre-owned humorously for "of a pawnbroker" (uncle had been slang for "pawnbroker" from c.1600 through 19c.).My just good suit reaches current underneath the avuncular security. ["Fraser's Magazine," 1832]

Avuncular meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or regarding an uncle.