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AvreeSpin-off of name-AveryOther possible spellings-Averi, Avri, AvereeAn Avree is a goddess. She actually is wise, stunning, athletic, and extremely delighted. The woman look alone can cheer any person up. An Avree is ALWAYS the lifetime of the celebration, and will visit absolutely nothing to cause people to laugh. She's hilarious and often dirty-minded. She actually is a vintage prankster. She generally has dark hair and curves like not one various other. The woman look is bright and amazing. And Avree's sides do not rest.Most men love Avree. Not only is she an invaluable buddy, but this woman is a fantastic enthusiast and is able to hold her man delighted.But, some dudes are threatened by Avree as a result of the woman appearances and skill, so this woman isn't the only with 3 boyfriends at the same time.If you see an Avree, never allow her to go. After a single day, just considering the lady could keep you pleased. C'mon man. Cannot just take that for issued.