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Avondale Middle class is a small intermediate school located in the small town of Rochester Hills, Michigan. It is positioned beside the Avondale Academy that is essentially a daycare for idiots that don't value college. The mascot associated with the school is a mustang. The training at Avondale Middle School (AMS) drops greatly behind compared to neighboring school areas such Troy. The children whom attend Avondale center School result from the surrounding towns and townships of Troy, BloomField, Auburn Hills, and Pontiac. The institution has approximately around 800 pupils this is certainly consists of mostly minorities (40percent African United states, 18percent Hispanic, 1per cent Other, and 4% Asian or Asian American.) The remaining 37% is made up of Caucasians, a rather large part of the 37percent consists of typical "White Girls," (Uggs, Leggings, WHITE iphones, Starbucks, etc.) The athletic groups at Avondale Kickass due to the high level percentage of minorities. A misconception introduced on by other people is AMS is ghetto. But i need to acknowledge, the college is kinda ghetto; it took the full 12 months to get restroom stalls fixed due to insufficient cash,the consuming fountains usually just take 2-4 months to correct, and also the curtains when it comes to movie theater phase have already been actually torn apart. Looking regarding brighter part, AMS features a News Broadcasting course called Mustang Connections, brand new laptop computers, and have now recently got a robotics staff. In general, Avondale Middle class is a ghetto and culturally diverse college.