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a community high school positioned in Auburn Hills, MI. Avondale is not a town; rather students originate from the metropolitan areas of Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Troy and Bloomfield Hills. AHS provides a tiny community experience; at this time, around 1100 pupils tend to be enrolled. Avondale is commonly regarded for its variety, both racial and socioeconomic. AHS not just provides a quality knowledge, but additionally offer a priceless cultural knowledge. Wealthier, predominately white and asian schools in surrounding elements of Oakland County usually pinpoint Avondale as "the region's black colored school". But students of Avondale will usually talk about exactly how attending AHS has formed who they are these days and has made them better, much more socially aware members of community.Avondale students are recognized for their particular remarkable contributions with their neighborhood and those abroad. Recently, students have actually raised funds when it comes to construction of a school and a hospital integrated Lupanga, Tanzania, in addition to four homes in Titayen, Haiti.In 2011 the men’ varsity soccer team won the division 2 condition championship. In 2012 the kids’ varsity track-and-field staff won the unit 2 condition championship.