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Avon Park is a tiny town noted mostly for the drug dealing around Delany St. It also is above the U.S. criminal activity price average. It may be extremely Violent in this area if you don't knowledgeable about the territory. It rivals near-by town Sebring. By putting on the colour red in a Sebring infested location might be quickest method to get poorly injuried or perhaps life threatning injuries. Kiddies who are only 15 have now been known to get hold of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Weapons particularly AK-47's and choppers are the weapons of preference in the area.Can be visitor friendly in places particularly Avon Park Lakes, but bear in mind because in every part of Avon Park theft may be the leading issue. With armed burglary and all the other different sorts of theft that plague hawaii of Florida. Avon Park is Known as among real hoods in Florida. Although jus from site it just appears like an undesirable town with little taking place its a complete different tale then just what this indicates. Also noted for the King Pins that made headlines,and used to operate the region. People including Frazier aka Booney comes to mind when you think about somebody who everybody understood ran things in "da Park". 1 of tha realest hoods in florida. referred to as tha playground or AP. is dangerous if u aint known or from pussy ass sebring. area signal 863. recognized for medication working on forward road and raymond playground.ridgedale flats was the house of rapper turbo.RIP TURBO. tha playground is a place not to be fuck wit cuz additionally, it is referred to as choppa city.