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a lady, generally from the UK, which addresses by herself in fake tan, human body sparkle, untrue eyelashes and never much else.A girl whom visits very expensive clubs and departs with rather cheap guysThe girls at the start of Snog, Marry, Avoid How to prevent numerous things on earth:1)AnalA)whilst in jail never bend to pick-up a bar of detergent, get someone else to do itB)Don't grab a transexual on your way residence from a club or strip-club, it will be extremely painfulC)Dont be GAY!!!2)Ugly people(In general)A)cannot pick-up any ugly chicks unless your that damn desperateB)Don't head into them, they may have cooties(lol)or Herpes or any STD's known to mankindC)Just do not talk to them3)DeathA)do not walk into a fucking highway and sit there(that fades to Joel)B)Don't get on top of heroine and pist drunk and grab a shotgun, you'll find yourself blowing your minds outC)Don't phone a black-man a niggerD)DOnt go swimming with fat people(Like Fidel) he has got guy boobsE)Dont check-out any fetish groups, their particular quite painful, besides their particular stretch your balls to your feet4)Listening to music you hateA)do not visit any concerts you hate, unless your going to go on phase rape the man on the spot and burn every person aliveB)Bring your own personal MP3, Ipod, or Discman, it helps turning from the globe outsideC)Don't view Much Music, it only plays fucking Hip-Hop and Rap nowadays