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spanish for "airplane", but could be said with a french accent instead to appear trendy; "Avi" for short; a trini woman which loves to wear leggings which accentuate the booty, hardly ever wears pants, but likes to be noticed in highlighter green t-shirts. she really loves justin bieber, and wants to sing opera- she does this incredibly. she tends to make everyone laugh, and is a true iconoclast.she loves to make up new sayings and dances that distribute like wildfire.Avion just isn't afraid to admit a fierce love for anime and biting underneath lip. Avion's will inform it want it is. they occasionally say arbitrary things, but it's usually accompanied by noisy laughter that modifications usually.those fortunate enough to find "avion's" and befriend them will be the luckiest individuals on the planet. Avion's are easy to fall in love with and are real pals right away It is a dominican term in spanish to describe a female which were with several dudes. Avion in english means jet, atmosphere jet. An airplane had many individuals, an "avion" woman too. anything or an individual who is unpleasent 2 appearance; also someone who is jus completely fried/cooked!