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AvinGenerally a girl, title meaning a 'LOVER' really loves one along with the woman heart, via a heritage of eastern back ground. Functions tend to be huge brown eyes, sweet look, beautiful locks, extremely petite, not also petite. She actually is normally extremely friendly, funny and soft hearted. She likes sultanas, mangoes and chocolates so be very generous with your sweets. She is really effective and wise and will attain the woman goals. Could be considered really stubborn but a girl like Avin has actually a huge character, she would stick out in a crowd and transforms heads every-where she goes. Frequently got a moustache from an early age and will have braces during teenage years. Has a obsession with all the cock and really loves every little thing around him. Avins as a rule have an in depth friend that's a girl, but need plenty of child friends also! Avin may be the variety of guy that you will observe and that will be noticed regarding the group. Like Mario and Luigi would during the Sonic festival