What does Avie avie mean?

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A beauty who is loved by many. She's a solid person who doesnt require a boy/man in her life. Breathtaking inside & out. The lady who is peaceful, but speaks whenever she's some thing to say. Your ex on table that is funny, but doesn't have to try. She's brownish tresses and brown eyes. Skilled, breathtaking, kind-hearted, & the bestest friend some one may have. She actually is not just one to boast, but she is grateful and providing. She appreciates most of the tiny things in life. Often she's insecure, but does not show it because she just wants everyone else around her is happy. She usually sets other people before this lady. Lots of people tend to be unappreciative of her & she knows, but she doesnt do just about anything about any of it.. Because those that mind do not matter and those her matter don't mind. Sometimes always reference a user's avatar (virtual representative) in online digital globes such as 2nd Life. Other typical expressions for an avatar include AV, av, and representative (maybe not slang).