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As defined because of the man which coined the expression:"An Avid fart is an annoying editing technique that requires flashing through a number of frames or increased shots, usually associated with a "whoosh" or "thoooom" or "choooonk" sound impact. I think it was initially utilized for such things as in that Lance Henriksen TV show Millennium as he had a psychic eyesight. But they started using it as a meaningless change between views in a lot of movies and television shows, since they think it adds production worth or style. However it only makes it seem shitty.we call it the Avid fart because Avid may be the name for the first widely used digital editing system, and it's this technology that has made Avid farts simple. Therefore editors without self control start pushing buttons thinking they truly are adding to the movie by throwing-in all kinds of annoying crap that does not enhance the movie."- Outlaw Vern Quick cuts, flashes of random imagery in contemporary Hollywood movies which make it fuckin impossible to inform what's going on. Utilized especially by commercials manager Michael Bay.