What does Avicenna mean?

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Latinization of name of ibn-Sina (980-1037), Persian philosopher and doctor. Complete name Abū ‘Alī al-Husayn ibn ‘Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā al-Balkhī.

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Persian physician and important philosopher; their explanation of Aristotle impacted St. Thomas Aquinas; writings on medicine had been essential for virtually 500 many years (980-1037)

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(Abu Ali al Hosain ibn Abdallah ibn-sina) Born 980 in the country of Bocchara, started initially to write-in younger many years, left a lot more than 100 works, taught in Ispahan, ended up being physician to several Persian princes, and died at Hamadan in 1037. Their fame as physician survived their impact as philosopher in Occident. Their health works were printed however within the 17th century. Their viewpoint is contained in 18 vols. of a thorough encyclopedia, after the custom of Al Kindi and Al Farabi. Reasoning, Physics, Mathematics and Metaphysics form the parts of this work. His philosophy is Aristotelian with noticeable Neo-Platonic impacts. His doctrine regarding the universal current ante res in God, in rebus because the universal nature of particulars, and post res in personal head by way of abstraction became a simple thesis of medieval Aristotelianism. He dramatically distinguished between the rational additionally the ontological universal, denying towards latter the actual nature of type into the composite. The concept of individuation is matter, eternally existent. Latin translations related to Avicenna the notion that presence is any sort of accident to essence (see e.g. Guilelmus Parisiensis, De Universo). The method followed by Avicenna ended up being one of paraphrasis of this Aristotelian texts with many original ideas interspersed. His works had been converted into Latin by Dominicus Gundissalinus (Gondisalvi) using help of Avendeath ibn Daud. This interpretation started, when it became much more usually known, the "revival of Aristotle" after the twelfth while the start of 13th century. Albert the Great and Aquinas professed, notwithstanding their particular important mindset, an excellent admiration for Avicenna who the Arabs always phone the "3rd Aristotle". In the Orient, Avicenna's impact declined quickly, overcome because of the resistance associated with the orthodox theologians. Avicenna, Opera, Venetiis, 1495; l508; 1546. M. Horten, Das Buch der Genesung der Seele, eine philosophische Enzyklopaedie Avicenna's; XIII. Teil: Die Metaphysik. Halle a. S. 1907-1909. R. de Vaux, Notes et textes sur l'Avicennisme Latin, Bibl. Thomiste XX, Paris, 1934. -- R.A.

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Finally, at Jorjan, near the Caspian, he met with a friend, who bought near his own house a dwelling in which Avicenna lectured on logic and astronomy.

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