What does Aviation Mall mean?

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A crappy old individuals shopping mall in Queensbury, NY with actually bad shops and crappier employees. Features feature rude safety protections, a JC Penney this is certainly half how big is other mall, a Target with an incompetent manager, an arcade that generally seems to continually be available however no body is ever before there working, a GameStop with people which just as if you should you choose only play videogames, crap your jeans, and get get more videogames. A Play-N-Trade shop was open for a short period of time but has also been power down. Another key feature is shops being designed for those under 35 to shop at can only last about a year tops then they truly are power down and changed with a generic garments shop no body likes, or a shop nobody's ever heard of and that doesn't endure lengthy often. Comes with an expansion task that generally seems to also have some kind of reason as to the reasons this hasn't begun yet.