What does Averroes mean?

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Latinization of name of ibn-Rushd (1126-1198) Arab philosopher and physician of Spain and Morocco.

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Arabian philosopher produced in Spain; blogged detailed commentaries on Aristotle that were admired because of the Schoolmen (1126-1198)

Averroes meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(Mohammed ibn Roshd) recognized to the Scholastics because the Commentator, and pointed out once the writer of il gran commento by Dante (Inf. IV. 68) he was produced 1126 at Cordova (Spain), studied theology, legislation, medicine, math, and philosophy, became after having already been judge in Sevilla and Cordova, doctor toward khalifah Jaqub Jusuf, and charged with writing a commentary regarding the works of Aristotle. Al-mansur, Jusuf's successor, deprived him of their location because of accusations of unorthodoxy. He passed away 1198 in Morocco. Averroes is certainly not plenty an original philosopher since the writer of one minute commentary on the whole works of Aristotle. His procedure had been imitated later on by Aquinas. In his interpretation of Aristotelian metaphysics Averroes teaches the coeternity of a world developed ex nihilo. This doctrine formed with the idea of a numerical unity regarding the energetic intellect became among the controversial points in the discussions between the supporters of Albert-Thomas and Latin Averroists. Averroes thought that guy possesses only a disposition for receiving the intellect originating from without; he identifies this disposition utilizing the feasible intellect which thus isn't truly intellectual by nature. The thought of one intellect typical to all or any men eliminates the the doctrine of individual immortality. Another doctrine which most likely ended up being emphasized much more because of the Latin Averroists (and by the adversaries among Averroes' contemporaries) could be the famous statement about "two-fold truth", viz. that a proposition are theologically real and philosophically untrue and vice versa. Averroes taught that faith expresses the (high) philosophical truth in the shape of spiritual imagery; the "two-truth notion" came obviously in to the Latin text through a misinterpretation for the translators. The works of Averroes were one of the most significant sourced elements of medieval Aristotelianlsm, before as well as following the initial texts have been translated. The explanation the Latin Averroists present in their texts of "Commentator" spread notwithstanding resistance and condemnation. See Averroism, Latin. Averroes, Opera, Venetiis, 1553. M. Horten, Die Metaphysik diverses Averroes, 1912. P. Mandonnet, Siger de Brabant et l'Averroisme Latin, 2d ed., Louvain, 1911. -- R.A.

Sentence Examples with the word Averroes

Ragel wrote a book on naevi; Rhazes (1040) devoted several chapters to it; and Averroes (1165) made many references to it in his De sanitate, p. 82 (Leiden, 1537).

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