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Averitis: noun. (A-verr-eye-tis), P-Virus (mental), a virus which is developed by individuals/living organisms after contact with a bunch human anatomy (also called Communicable Ginger Subjugation); an ailment of living pet or plant body or of one of their components that impairs regular functioning and is usually manifested by identifying signs or symptoms including:I. Abulia - a loss of will powerII. Anhedonia - an inability to experience pleasureIII. Anxiousness, Anxiousness - a relatively permanent condition of stress and nervousness occurring in a number of psychological disorders, usually followed closely by compulsive behavior or assaults of panicIV. Agitation - a mental state of severe emotional disturbance, usually leading to volatile/violent attacks of rageV. Dissociation - a state which some incorporated element of a person's life becomes divided from the remaining portion of the character and functions independently-Infection seriousness is based on length and amount of contact with the number and/or any infected individuals.-Etymology: Initially documented disease on or close to the 30th parallel, for the south-eastern quadrant of Los Angeles Crosse, WI, American. Other cases have been reported, but no considerable proof of contamination could be found.